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2013 Annual Report of Physics Department

Author: Archil Ugulava

quantum correction to atom-field classiacl model

Author: giorgi mchedlishvili
Co-authors: A.Ugulava,S.Chkchaidze.L.Chotorlishvili
Keywords: nonliner resonance

Study of the magnetization curves of magnetic fluids of anisotropic nanoparticles

Author: Archil Ugulava
Co-authors: M.Verulashvili, G.Mchedlishvili, Z.Rostomashvili, S.Chkhaidze
Keywords: ferromagnetism, superparamagnetism, magnetic fluids.

Determination of the magnetic anisotropy constant of a gas of superparamagnetic nanoparticles using thermodynamic method

Author: Simon Chkhaidze
Co-authors: A.Ugulava, G.Mchedlishvili, M.Verulashvili
Keywords: superparamagnetism, magnetic nanoparticles, nanomaterials.

Fokker-Plank approach to the theory of the spin Seebeck effect

Author: Zaza Toklikishili
Co-authors: L.Chotorlishvili, V.K.Dugaev, J.Barnas, S.Trimper, J.Berakdar
Keywords: Spin Seebeck effect, Fokker-Plank equation

Realization of discrete quantum billiards in a two-dimensional optical lattice

Author: Ramaz Khomeriki
Co-authors: Dmitry O. Krimer

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