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Computational physics institute. Complex materials department annual report (2013)

Author: Ivan Petoev
Co-authors: Vasil Tabatadze, Revaz Zaridze

„Computational Physics“ educational & scientific institute’s annual report

Author: Revaz Zaridze

modelling of thermal exchange in nanostructures

Author: akaki lomia

Design of Security system based on transmission lines

Author: Alexander Kochlashvili

Modeling of self-organization of ULF electromagnetic wave structures into nonlinear vortex structures at interaction with shear flows in the geospace environment

Author: Oleg Kharshiladze
Co-authors: Khatuna Chargazia
Keywords: Self-organization into electromagnetic vortex structures, inhomogeneous shear flow, magnetosphere

Human EM Exposure Study for Some Big Scenarios

Author: Veriko Jeladze
Co-authors: V. Tabatadze, M. Prishvin, I. Petoev, L. Bibilashvili, R. Zaridze
Keywords: MAS, big scenarios, SAR

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