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Software reliability systems

Author: Irakli Jojua
Co-authors: Lela Mirtskhulava
Keywords: software, reliability, sistems, copilot, polyspace, bug, finder, code, prover, haskell, C

Annual 2013 Report of Geography Department

Author: Lia Matchavariani

2013 Annual Report of Physics Department

Author: Archil Ugulava

Summary Report on Mathematics Department Activities 2013

Author: Omar Purtukhia

Computer Science Department

Author: Alexander Gamkrelidze

გეოლოგიის დეპარტამენტის 2013 წლის ანგარიში

Author: Bezhan Tutberidze

2013 Annual Report of the Department of Biology

Author: Diana Dzidziguri

The summaring report of department of chemistry

Author: Nodar Lekishvili

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