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Epigenetic changes in the genome of the lung tissue tuberculosis

Author: Teimuraz Lezhava
Co-authors: Tinatin Jokhadze

The aim of this work was to evaluate the stability of the genome by determining the variability of its functional characteristics in the cells of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and the possibility of correcting the changed parameters by peptide bioregulator Epithalon (Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly), which is characterized by a modifying effect on chromatin. One of the important parameters of the genome directly reflecting its status is a test for sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs). which is being studied in many areas and is a very useful tool when moving the homeostatic cell pathologies. The analysis of the results reveal that the rate of SCE in cells of intact cultures of TB patients was significantly increased (9.23 ± 0.51 SCE/cell) compared with the rate for intact cultures of healthy individuals—control group (6.42 ± 0.5 SCE /cell). In the cells of patients with tuberculosis, the fact that the SCE rate with medial localization falls sharply, including the frequency of centromeric and telomeric SCE, has attracted attention (healthy middle-aged persons SCE are mainly fixed to the medial parts of chromosomes - approximately 90% of cases) open of locked genes localized of centromeric and telomeric regions. When exposed by Epithalon SCE frequency index in patients was reduced to 7.6±0.5 exch/cell and not statistically different from the control group of healthy individuals. The distribution pattern of SCE along the chromosome has remained almost the same as in intact cultures (medial SCE occurred much less frequently than in the control. Our results provide a basis for the implementation of preventive measures in case a similar pattern of variation of the genome is found in the cells of first-degree relatives of patients with tuberculosis.

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