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Djankuat Glacier (North Caucasus) mass balance with climatic elements conjunction

Author: Levan Tielidze
Keywords: Glacier mass balance

In Central Caucasus region to study the reletionship between the elements of climate change and glacier mass balance variation glacier Djankuat was selected, on which the mass balance observations conducted since 1967. This glacier is currently included in the list of glaciers and it should be compared to other glaciers in the region of observation data . Glacier is located on the north slope of the Caucasus, 28 km South East from Mount Elbrus. Its height varies within 2700-3900 meters and an area of 3.0 km 2 . The observation data produced from weather station terskol since 1951 was used to characterize the meteorological regime of glacier. The station is located in the Mount Elbrus south - eastern slope, 16 km away from Djankuat. comparison episodically observation at the bottom of the glacier with terskols meteorological data showed that the correlation coefficient of 0.82 between the average air temperature of the day. Turned out to be quite a close coincidence between precipitation and precipitation measured . Snow and ice accumulation season lasts from October to May on Djankuat glacier. in this season Average air temperature is -50C. the average temperature reaches 110 C in the Ablation season (May - September).

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