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Accumulators in Functional Programming Language

Author: Natela Archvadze

The issues of creation, use an training of MathSoft in Georgia

Author: Koba Gelashvili
Keywords: MathSoft, scientific library, Unix/Linux enviroment, algorithms design, benchmarking

Morphological analyzer of the Georgian language and its subsystems as the main component of the text corpus manager.

Author: Liana Lortkipanidze
Keywords: Text corpus, corpus manager, morphological analyzer, a dialect of the Georgian language.

TOPSIS based multiple-attributes decision making in hesitant fuzzy environment

Author: Irina Khutsishvili
Keywords: Multiple-attribute decision making, hesitant fuzzy set, entropy, TOPSIS approach.

Wolfam Mathematica: Programming, Visualization and Interactivity

Author: Silva Torosiani
Keywords: Wolfram Mathematica, Programming, Visualization, Interactivity

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