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On hierarchical two-dimensional models of thermoelastic shells with two relaxation times

Author: Gia Avalishvili
Co-authors: Mariam Avalishvili
Keywords: Nonclassical models of thermoelastic bodies, dimensional reduction methods, modeling error estimates

To Secular Equation

Author: Tamaz. Vashakmadze
Keywords: Faddeev-Leverier modification method, Orthogonaal Polynomials, Lehmer’s algorithm.

Parallel Algorithms of Numerical Solution of One dynamic Problem for Quasilinear System of Equations of Elasticity Theory

Author: Tinatin Davitashvili

On One Mathematical Model of Harmful Substances Migration on the Territory of Georgia

Author: Teimurazi Davitashvili
Co-authors: Meri Sharikadze
Keywords: Numerical modelling, pollution, territory of Georgia

Subsequent development of the numerical model of mesoscale boundary layer of atmosphere

Author: giorgi geladze

Efficient Algorithm for Numerical Calculation of Trigonometric Hyperbolic Functions

Author: Jemali Rogava
Co-authors: Nana DIkhaminjia, Mikheil Tsiklauri
Keywords: Trigonometric hyperbolic matrix functions; Two layer scheme; Recurrent relation;

On the derivation and approximate solution of some nonlinear integro-differential equations

Author: Jemal Peradze
Keywords: integro-differential equations of elasticity, approximate solution

On the approximate solution of 3D mixed boundary value problem of elasticity theory

Author: Archil Papukashvili
Keywords: Variational-Differencemethod, Finite-Difference method, Elasticity theory.

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