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Investigation of current Eustacy absolute value by the shore sea level observing system

Author: Giorgi Metreveli
Co-authors: N.Tsivtsivadze, M.Goginava, R.Diasamidze, M. Beridze
Keywords: eustacy, sea level, climate

Eutrophication Influence on Black Sea Ecology

Author: Nodar Tsivtsivadze
Co-authors: G.Metreveli, N.Motsonelidze, G.Ivanovi
Keywords: pollution, eutrophication, seaplants, ecosystem

Extreme Weather and Climate Events Over Georgia

Author: nano gogia

Evaluation of the risks of floods and flashfloods in the rivers Chorokhi and Ajaristskali on the background of the climate change

Author: Giorgi Bregvadze
Keywords: flood, flashflood, risk

Influence of the stratification on the distribution of electro-magnetic waves (On the example of south Caucasus region)

Author: lamzira laghidze
Co-authors: N. Paichadze, M. Vakhtangishvili
Keywords: troposphere, refraction index, refraction, inversion, isothermia

Research of geographical components of water objects in wetlands area's

Author: Zaal Gulashvili
Keywords: Wetland, Rice, Amelioration

Palynological Research in the Black Sea basin (Comperative analysis)

Author: Kakhaber Bilashvili
Co-authors: Eliso Kvavadze, Vazha Trapaidze
Keywords: Black sea level, palynological, marine sediments, sea level, Black sea

Analytical evaluation of the soil degradation risk

Author: Davit Kereselidze
Co-authors: Lia Matchavariani, Vazha Trapaidze
Keywords: Soil degradation, Risk

Evaluation of the risks of floods and freshets at the mouths of the rivers of Kolkhety Lowland (rv.Rioni,Supsa, Natanebi)

Author: Vazha Trapaidze
Co-authors: Davit Kereselidze, Kakhaber Bilashvili
Keywords: Kolkhety lowland, coastal erosion, flashflood

Methodology of feasible evaluation of the expected threats of the river

Author: Davit Kereselidze
Co-authors: Gamarli Dokhnadze, Vazha Trapaidze
Keywords: freshet, flooding, methodology

Modern problems in connection to decrease of the River Chorokhi accretion flow at the Black Sea seashore in Adzharia

Author: merab alaverdashvili
Co-authors: D. Kiknadze; N. Kokaia; N. Khupenia; N. Tsintsadze
Keywords: norm of accretion flow, factor of filtration, dynamics of seashore, hard accretion risk districts.

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