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Isolation and charachterisation of Salmonella spp and E.coli specific bacteriophages

Author: Khatuna Makalatia
Co-authors: T.Dvalidze, I Janashia, M Merabishvili, N. Ghudumidze
Keywords: Bacteriophages, Genetic charachterisation

Comparison of Immunospecificity and Immunogenicity of three prototypes of anti-hCG vaccines based upon the recombinant hCG β-chain

Author: Nunu Mitskevich
Co-authors: N. Gachechilaze, N.Chikadze
Keywords: Vaccines, Immunospecificity, Immunogenicity, Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)

Yersinia - Plague Causing Pathogen Microorganisms

Author: Natia Tamarashvili
Keywords: Yersinia, Plague, pathogen microorganisms

Comparison of the immunogenicity of a mutant recombinant hCGβ-protein conjugated to different carrier molecules

Author: Nino Gachechiladze
Co-authors: Chikadze N, Mitskevich N, Gachechiladze N
Keywords: hCG, KLH, CTP

Study of the activity of Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii specific bacteriophages on Galleria Mellonella m odel

Author: Teona dvalidze
Keywords: bacteriophage, antibioresistante

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