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Novel method for fast synthesis of advanced superconducting and magnetic materials

Author: Alexander Shengelaya
Co-authors: D. Daraselia, D. Japaridze, Z. Jibuti

Radiation-resistant Semiconductor Materials for Application on Space, Accelerators and Nuclear Reactors

Author: Nodar Kekelidze
Co-authors: David Kekelidze, Bella Kvirkvelia, Elza Khutsishvili
Keywords: Radiation resistance, InAs-InP solid solutions, crystals, Space

Low Temperature Processes for Micro and Nanosistems

Author: Amiran Bibilashvili
Keywords: plasma, oxide, anodizing, transistors, memristors

Obtaining and investigation of ZnMnTe/ZnMnTeO solar cells materials

Author: Maia Sharvashidze
Co-authors: M. Sharvashidze, T. Butkhuzi, N. Gapishvili, L. Trapaidze, T. Khulordava, E. Kekelidze, L. Aptsiauri
Keywords: solar cells materials, ZnMnTe/ZnMnTeO

Perspectives of enhancement of p-type conductivity in ZnO nanowires

Author: tamar tchelidze
Co-authors: Tamaz Kereselidze, Teimuraz Nadareishvili
Keywords: ZnO, Nanowire, Doping

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