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Energy levels of a particle confined in a potential well of ellipsoidal shape

Author: tamaz kereselidze
Co-authors: T. Tchelidze
Keywords: Nanoparticle, Potential well

Charge exchange processes in K+-H2 collisions at the ion energy range 1-10keV

Author: Malkhaz Gochitashvili
Co-authors: R A. Lomsadze, R.Ya. Kezerashvili, N.O.Mosulishvili
Keywords: charge exchange processes, correlation diagram

Inelastic processes in collision of closed electron shall particles: K+ - He case.

Author: Ramaz Lomsadze
Co-authors: M.Gochitashvili, N.Mosulishvili, and R. Kezerashvili.
Keywords: charge exchange, ionization, cross section.

Electron-Impact Double Ionization of Helium: Dynamical Variational Treatment

Author: Zaal Machavariani
Keywords: Ionization, Cross-section

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