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On the 3-dim Yang-Baxter equation

Author: Gia Giorgadze
Keywords: Yang-Baxter equation, braid group, unitary representation

Essentially Nonlinear Functional Differential Equations with Delay Argument

Author: Roman Koplatadze
Keywords: Property A, Property B

The mixed problem for the semilinear wave equation with a nonlinear boundary condition

Author: otar jokhadze
Keywords: ფეთქებადი ამონახსნები, შერეული ამოცანა

Continuity and differentiability of solution with respect to initial element for some classes of functional differential equations

Author: Tamaz Tadumadze
Keywords: Continuity and differentiability of solution, initial element, functional differential equations

Some remarks about structures of bulk links which appear after "cutting" of the Generalized Möbius-Listing's bodies

Author: ilia tavkhelidze
Keywords: Bulk links, Mobius-listing bodies

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