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Informatics and its Influence on Exact and Natural Sciences

Author: Alexander Gamkrelidze

Computer Science Department

Author: Alexander Gamkrelidze

Necessary Conditions of Optimality for Optimal Problems with incommensurable delays in controls and the Mixed initial Condition

Author: medea iordanishvili

boolean retrieval use

Author: lasha maraneli
Co-authors: Ana Sikharulidze
Keywords: boolean, search, retrieval

Lie triple systems and Leibniz algebras

Author: Revaz Kurdiani

New Invariants for the Graph Isomorphism Problem

Author: Alexander Gamkrelidze
Co-authors: Gunter Hotz, Levan Varamashvili
Keywords: graph invariants, algorithms

On Approximate Solution of One Croup of Routing Problems

Author: Bezhan Ghvaberidze
Keywords: routing problems, homogenous cargo, vehicle.

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