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Software reliability systems

Author: Irakli Jojua
Co-authors: Lela Mirtskhulava
Keywords: software, reliability, sistems, copilot, polyspace, bug, finder, code, prover, haskell, C

Modeling of Wireless Networks as Queuing System

Author: Lela Mirtskhulava
Co-authors: Giorgi Gugunashvili, Mzia Kiknadze
Keywords: Erlang distribution, interarrival time between failures, probabilistic approach, queueing model.

Quantum Modeling In Disasters Simulation Process

Author: Manana Khachidze
Co-authors: Gela Besiashvili
Keywords: Disaster simulation, Quantum Modeling

Formation of Generalized Tumor-Describing Concept by Use of Analytical Heuvristics Method

Author: Manana Khachidze
Co-authors: David Khachidze
Keywords: Concept, Knowledge Base, Diagnostic

Key Characteristics of Dental Information System

Author: Maia Archuadze
Co-authors: Nia Khachidze
Keywords: Information System, E-medicine

Smart Sensors: Main Technologies and Applications

Author: magda tsintsadze
Co-authors: Maia Archuadze
Keywords: Sensors, Smart Sensors, Sensor Networks

The basic functional elements of e-learning system

Author: maka odiladze
Co-authors: Vano kobaidze, nino bancuri
Keywords: E-learning, the Database, User Interface

Software Reliability Analysis with time redundancy

Author: Lela Mirtskhulava
Keywords: Exponential distribution, conditional Mean Time to Failure, distribution function, mathematical model, software reliability.

Syllabus management using MS Project

Author: Julieta Gagloshvili
Keywords: Ms Project, Managing syllabus, Syllabus management using MS Project

Three RD models for two-hop relay Routing with limited Packets Lifetime in Ad hoc Networks

Author: Irma Aslanishvili
Co-authors: ------------
Keywords: : Ad Hoc Networks, MANETs protocols, Routing protocols, packet, source node, Relay routing, finite memory, Relay Buffer (RB), RB occupancy, Destination.

Research GRID network of Georgia

Author: Zurab Modebadze
Co-authors: R. Kvatadze
Keywords: GRENA, GRID, Network

On Several Aspects of Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Author: magda tsintsadze
Keywords: SEO, Keyword optimization

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