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2013 Annual Report of the Department of Biology

Author: Diana Dzidziguri

Nucleolus in Motion: Contraction of Intra- and Perinucleolar Condensed Chromatin Induces Relocalization of FC/DFC Assembly during the Selective Inhibition of rRNA Synthesis

Author: Pavle Tchelidze

The influence of adult rats’ endogenous thermostable protein complex on the proliferative activity of bone marrow

Author: Giorgi Mosidze
Co-authors: G.Mosidze, E.Peradze, E.Bakuradze, I.Modebadze, D.Dzidziguri

A comparative study of the redox status in rat blood in different pathologies of the liver by EPR method

Author: Salome Kiparoidze
Co-authors: S. Kiparoidze, E. Bakuradze, I. Modebadze, T. Sanikidze, D. Dzidziguri


Author: Ekaterine Bakuradze
Keywords: polyploidization, liver, C-Met inhibitor

The Study of Growth Inhibitory Protein Complex of Adult Rat Pancreas

Author: Irina Modebadze
Co-authors: I. Modebadze, S.Kasvandik, A.Salumets, N. Giorgobiani, ,D. Dzidziguri
Keywords: Pancreas, protein complex, regeneration

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