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Turbidimeter investigations of behavior of antimicrobial agents on bacterial cells

Author: Giorgi Lobzhanidze
Keywords: Turbidimetry, Spectrophotometry, bacteria E.coli, Ampiox, Gentamycin, MIC, resistance.

The interaction of DPPC and DPPA liposomes with some ligands; The calorimetric investigation of formed complexes and structural analysis

Author: Levan Cheishvili
Keywords: Liposomes, DPPA, DPPC, Calorimetry, Cholesterol, Calcium

Homology modeling of N. Meningitidisis OxyR

Author: Shorena Ukleba
Co-authors: Shorena Ukleba
Keywords: OxyR, N. Meningitidisis, oxidative stress, transcriptional regulators

Research at the edge of interfacial bionanoscience and quantum biophysics: New perspectives for tuning of the stability and electron transfer patterns of globular proteins

Author: Dimitri Khoshtariya
Co-authors: M. Makharadze, T. Dolidze, M. Shushanyan, S. Uchaneishvili, T. Tretyakova, N. Shengelia, T. Partskhaladze, D. Waldeck, R. van Eldik
Keywords: interfacial bionanodevices, electron transfers, tunneling, charge transfer theory, quantum effects, globular proteins, stability and function, conformational flexibility

A new, simple empirial method of determination of pheomelanin eumelanin ration in hair

Author: Eduard Chikvaidze
Co-authors: Teimuraz Gogoladze
Keywords: Eumelanin, Feomelanin, ESR spectra

Conformational Motion in Redox Sensitive Gene Regulatory Protein

Author: David Svintradze

Thermodinamic Study of DPPA and DPPC Liposomes

Author: eka shekiladze
Co-authors: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili, Mariam Khvedelidze
Keywords: Liposomes, Nanoparticles, calorimetry.

The early stages of the interaction of bacteria with bacteriophage

Author: Nino Turqadze
Co-authors: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Keywords: T4 bacteriophage, DNA ejection, membrane frangments

Structural organization of DPPA and DPPC liposomes with ligands and permeability of incorporated Gold nanoparticles into cells

Author: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Co-authors: Mariam Khvedelidze, Eka Shekiladze, Nino Shengelia, Marc Schneider, Daniel Moersdorf, Ingolf Bernhardt
Keywords: Keywords: Gold nanoparticles; Liposomes; DPPC; DPPA; Caco-2 cell; DSC, Flow Cytometer.

The model of influence of the antimicrobial agents (MIC) on the bacteria.

Author: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Co-authors: Irina Papukashvili, Nino Shengelia, Mariam Khvedelidze, Nino Turkadze
Keywords: Antimicrobial agents, cocktail, phages, infection models

Impact of Long Term Stress on Individual Aggressivity

Author: Zurab Kuchukashvili
Co-authors: Nana Koshoridze, Lili Lekiashvili, Ketevan Menabde, Matrona Chachua

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