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Computation of Elastic Prismatic Cusped Shells on the Bases of Kirchhoff-Love Model

Author: Yusuf Fuat G├╝lver
Keywords: prismatic shells, cusped edges

On a Vibration Problem of the Cusped Beams in the (0,0) Approximation of the Hierachical Models

Author: miranda gabelaia
Keywords: cused beams, hierarchical models

Basic equations and boundary value problems in the theory of nonlinear elasticity

Author: Maia Svanadze
Keywords: Nonlinear elasticity, boundary value problems

On the solutions of equations of the linear thermoviscoelasticity theory for Kelvin-Voigt materials with voids

Author: Maia Svanadze
Keywords: Thermoviscoelasticity, fundamental solution

On a Problem of Vibration of the Biofilm

Author: Natalia Chinchaladze
Keywords: Biofilms, Ozeen model

Elastic Micropolar Prismatic Shells

Author: George Jaiani
Keywords: Prismatic shells, elasticity, micropolar elasticity

Similary solution of the system of partial differential equation of second order b and its application

Author: Ckatuna Mshvenieradze

Hydrodynamic flow in the periodic boundary layer

Author: Ckatuna Mshvenieradze

Non-Shallow Spherical Shells

Author: Bakuri Gulua

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