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Application neural networks for spam filltering and Malware detection tools

Author: gela besiashvili
Co-authors: Tamar Bliadze
Keywords: neural network, spam, malware

On a problem of synthesis of optimal automata

Author: Tariel Khvedelidze
Keywords: the infinite automat, the stationary random medium, the statistical plausibility, the behavior of the automaton.

On Emeritus Professor Richard Megrelishvili Scientific Activity Dedicated to his 80 Years Universary

Author: Gia Sirbiladze

Tropical cryptography and implementation of matrix one-way function

Author: Richard Megrelishvili

Construction of the pseudo-random bits generator using neural networks

Author: Zurab Kochladze
Co-authors: S. Buadze
Keywords: pseudo-random bits generator, stream cipher, RSA generator

OWA based intelligent decision support system research structure and technological perspectives

Author: Archil Varshanidze

Recognition of Applicant Personality by Using Fuzzy Informational Technologies

Author: Teimuraz Manjafarashvili
Keywords: Applicant Personality, Fuzzy Informational Technologies, e-learning

Indistinct Searching

Author: Aleksandre Lomadze
Keywords: text, search, algorithms

Decision Making Aggregation Operators and Schemes in the Fuzzy Uncertainty Environment

Author: Gvantsa Tsulaia
Keywords: Measures of fuzzy uncertainty; Aggregations operators of OWA type; Fuzzy decision making methods and

OVERVIW of the Monograph Gia Sirbiladze, Extremal Fuzzy Dynamic Systems - Theory and Applications, IFSR International Series on Systems Science and Engineering, 28, Springer, 2013, 375 pp

Author: Gia Sirbiladze
Keywords: Extremal Fuzzy Dynamic Systems, Systems Identification, Optimization and Filtration

The Overview of OWA type Aggregation Operators

Author: Otar Badagadze
Keywords: aggregation operators, OWA-type aggregation operators

Decision Support Fuzzy Methodology to evaluate the Credit Risks of Investment Projects

Author: Otar Badagadze
Keywords: Investment project risks, expert valuations, positive and negative discriminations, expertons, possibility distribution.

Optimal control of one economical problem using a principle of maximum

Author: phridon Dvalishvili
Keywords: optimal control, supply-demand analyzis, the boundary value problem for systems of differential equations

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